The Importance of Photos, Even Snapshots on Your Phone

"One of my favorite things about photos is that we don't know their significance until years or decades later."

- Kimberly Aker

I had this thought yesterday when I saw an old photo of my husband and nephew, Cavan. It was from 2011 and Cavan was making a silly face. He was 4 then.

It isn’t pretty, but it is very special to me and my family! My sister in law, Bryanna, took it I think.

Yesterday, before seeing the old photo, I was taking his birthday photos and he made the exact same face at me multiple times because he’s a goofball, always, especially as a middle schooler. Lol.

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Nethers South Highland Mid-Century Modern Home Lifestyle Session

This past summer, almost immediately after I had Floyd, I knew I wanted to add families and babies to my photography offerings, in addition to women!

My good friend Meagan Nethers was having a baby soon and I knew she’d be the perfect person to do my first newborn session with! So, I asked her if she’d let me into her South Highland Shreveport home with my camera and she jumped at the chance!

I was a little nervous, of course, but most of all, I was SO EXCITED!!!

Having Floyd was like having a piece of me unlocked that I didn’t know was missing.

It’d always been there, knocking and whispering. But, I could never really hear it clearly and so I would just ignore it because I didn’t know what to do with it.

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Hayes's Struggle for Baby Lachlan | Saturday Morning Lifestyle Family Session

Deciding to start a family is filled with tons of thoughts and emotions. Everyone is worried about infertility and miscarriages.

But everyone is also filled with unbridled joy.

I know for me, I was afraid to get too excited. I’m an odd optimist because I hate hope. Hope just robs us of joy.

I’d rather just try to be chill about it, until whatever it is actually happens.

Anywho, today we are going to hear a redemptive story with a roller coaster of emotions about Kelsey and Matt’s tiny humans, Lachlan, arrival into this world!

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Floyd's 3 Month Lifestyle Portraits

This boy right here is growing SO fast!

He’s rolling over from front to back already and almost rolling from back to front.

He’s also not sleeping good anymore. That part is WAY less cool.

Naps and nighttime sleeping are all over the place. The first 2 weeks of the sleep regression were the WORST.

It’s been super fun.

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Kimberly Aker Photography...Wait, What?!

You read that right.

My big announcement is that I am no longer Magnolia Grace Photography. I couldn’t be more excited to share about how this change is going to be super exciting for you!

I am 27 now, I have a baby, I am no longer trying to be a wedding photographer, I am the face of my business, and there are other versions of Magnolia Photography (and other businesses) out there.

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