Floyd's 3 Month Lifestyle Portraits

This boy right here is growing SO fast!

He’s been rolling over from front to back already and almost rolling from back to front.

He’s also not sleeping good anymore. That part is WAY less cool.

Naps and nighttime sleeping are all over the place. The first 2 weeks of the sleep regression were the WORST.

It’s been super fun.

This has been going on since he turned 3 months old.

He hit a mental leap at 3 months, then started teething, got sick, and then hit another mental leap.


He is a cute kid and I really like him. Lucky for him. Because when it’s 5 am, he’s been awake for 1 ½ hours, and I’ve only slept 3 hours, I.want.to.scream.

I just want sleep y’all.

How am I even alive?

How am I even able to type up a blog post, take pretty pictures, meet with clients at Rhino Coffee, have wonderful chats with clients, do my tax spreadsheet, make sure I’m taking care of clients, edit photos, and just generally do anything?

I don’t know.

Sometimes I’m not ok though. A few weeks ago on a Friday I couldn’t see straight, literally, because he was up until 4am the night before.


No sleep until 4am.

I literally felt kinda drunk I was so tired. It was awful.

And then my husband took the night shift that weekend so I could sleep. Because LORDY I needed it!!!

In Floyd’s 3 ½ months of life, he has:

Been to a hot air balloon festival

Been to the farmers market a few times

Been to 2 showers

Been to Rhino Coffee with me to meet a client

Celebrated his grandpas and Daddy for Father’s Day

Been loved on by ERRBODY!!!

Been to church

Been sick

Met Dr. Bellmann, the woman who helped his Momma give birth to him! I honestly did not feel at peace until she met him. It was weird, but I just needed them to meet after the initial “kick through the goalposts of life” as LC Mackey says.

Been to a meeting with a colleague and friend at MOOR Coffee.

Partied with me at Jessica’s Birthday Party

Been to a high school football game, which was a terrible idea. Way too loud!

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