Haley's Mom-Bod Love After Baby

Having a baby is an experience like no other. It changes your body, mind (literally changes your brain according to this study), and spirit.

A lot of that is magical and wonderful, but some of it is really hard.

Your body becomes somewhat unrecognizable and you hold the excess weight in weird places. You body just feels slightly foreign to you now.

Adjusting to your new body is hard, especially in your sleepy, survival, and hormonal state.

You barely have time to shower, much less work on accepting your new body.

So it’s just there, every time you take off your clothes, staring back at you.

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Ms K’s Rave Review Shows How Empowering Boudoir with KAP can be During Hardship | Shreveport Boudoir Photography

Y'all. I love my clients!!!

I especially love when clients make me cry!!!

Ms. K has chosen to remain anonymous but allowed me to share photos that do not identify her.

I received this review about 2 months after Ms K’s session. I very clearly remembered her session and my worry that I had maybe not reacted the best to her news. Not because I thought I reacted poorly, I just didn’t know really.

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Why You Should Wear the Sweatpants to Your Boudoir Session!

I remember booking my boudoir session.

I wanted some sexy photos in my bridal lingerie, but I also wanted some super laid back photos that showed my everyday sexy.

My ‘everyday sexy’ ultimately meant I wanted to wear my sweatpants and a bra for some photos.

Not kidding.

And when I asked my photographer about it, I was SO nervous. I didn’t want her to think I was weird!

We hadn’t, and never did, meet before the session. So I had no way of knowing if she liked me, if our personalities worked well together, or anything.

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Crystal's Downtown Shreveport Outdoor Boudoir Session

So, there’s this man that hangs out in his thong, only, around Broadmoor on Youree Drive. Through learning about him, I learned that being in public in nothing but your undies is, apparently, perfectly legal.

And while I have no plans to walk around in a thong, I did have light bulbs going off in my head!

“If he can legally walk around, with all the things tightly ‘concealed’ in a thong, then my clients can do classy boudoir in public!”

Hello new opportunities!

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