Frequently Asked Questions


Magnolia Grace Photography | Shreveport Boudoir, Beauty, & Wedding Photographer | Bossier Boudoir, Beauty, & Wedding Photographer | Magnolia Grace Photography Frequently Asked Questions

+ Where will my portrait session happen?

For each portrait session we usually use my studio. However, we can rent a space (usually through airbnb and not included in the session fee), have an outdoor session (I know many great locations), or use your home.

We don't even need to use your bedroom, it could be your kitchen, bathroom, living room. All we really need is a clutter-free room (you can easily move anything temporarily). You don't even need a bed. We can use chairs, countertops, the floor, couches, etc. The only rule for my boudoir is to make sure you feel amazing and we create great portraits. That can happen anywhere! If you want a bed, I have a double decker air mattress that you would never know was an air mattress and bedding. Nothing fancy is needed.

Photographing in homes is so fun becuase they are all so unique. One may have an amazing kitchen for some sexy shots, one might have a claw foot tub, one might have the grandest bed, one might have a pool for some fun shots, and so on. It adds variety and fun to every session!

+ How many images do I get?

The number depends on each session. I usually get somewhere around 30 portraits. I always get enough to fill up a black 12x12 layflat album. That is the product that holds the most portraits.

+ How long will my portrait session take?

My sessions are an all day event. We start with hair and makeup, the photography part is two hours long, we break for lunch while I edit, you come back to the location and have your viewing session, you choose only the images you love and the artwork to display them in, and then you make payment on your final artwork decisions. Your products will be ordered within two days.

+ How do I know what to wear?

After your session is booked, you will receive a lingerie guide that details what the most flattering clothes are for each body type. But feel free to think outside the box too! It is your session, do what you want!

+ How many outfit changes do I get?

2-3 is the standard. I like for my clients to bring as many outfits as they want and I choose the final outfits.
If there is a must-wear outfit, I just ask that you let me know so I can be sure I choose that one!

+ Do I need to bring my own lingerie or do you have some I can use?

I do have some teddys, but it is always encouraged for you to bring your own lingerie.

+ Okay, once we are finished with the session when do I see my portraits?

This is my absolutely my favorite part!
After your session we break for about an hour where you can go to lunch, shop, or explore the city (if you are from out of town). While we break I edit your portraits.
After an hour or so is up you will come back and get to view all your portraits, choose only your favorites, then choose what album you want them printed in all in the same day!
So, no waiting at all. It’s that fast and simple!

+ I am not in your area; is there any way I can still book a session?

There are a few different options when you are outside of the 25 mile radius.

  • I am always happy to travel. I do have a fee for any travel outside of a 25 mile radius from my office.
  • You can take a mini vaca to Shreveport to explore the city (I can help you find all the best places!) and have your session here.
  • You can make it a girls night in your city and have a boudoir party with 4-7 girlfriends! This way you will all split my travel fee (travel expenses are the same price no matter how many women I am photographing, of course!)
  • OR you can make it a girls mini vaca to Shreveport and, again I can absolutely ensure you will enjoy vacationing in Shreveport by telling you all the best things to do, see, and places to eat! And, we can host the party at an airbnb location!
Magnolia Grace Photography | Shreveport Boudoir, Beauty, & Wedding Photographer | Bossier Boudoir, Beauty, & Wedding Photographer | Magnolia Grace Photography Frequently Asked Questions

+ I don’t feel comfortable stripping it down to nothing. Is there any other type of Boudoir?

Yes, absolutely! Each boudoir session is customized to your personality.
I know not everyone wants to flaunt it in a bra and panties. So, I offer a more dressed down option called ‘Lifestyle Boudoir’. It is still sexy and sensual, but you can wear just an oversized shirt and panties, sweat pants and a tee, etc.

Sexy is a state of mind, even if that is cliche. It is not something you do, it’s something you feel and I create that feeling in every session. Afterall, it is my job.

+ I am not comfortable having my portraits online. Am I required to have them shared online?

Absolutely not.
I offer many different levels of sharing that you can agree to. The different options are as follows: sharing any of the portraits, sharing the portraits you choose, sharing the portraits that do not show your face or identifying marks, sharing the portraits only in person, and not sharing them to anyone. These options will be in a legally binding contract for your security.

+ I don’t look like a model and I am terrified of being in front of a camera. Will I still look as good as the women on your website?

Absolutely! All the women on my website have zero professional training. They are women just like you! My job is to help you feel and see that you are beautiful.
I will need help from you though. I require no negativity in my sessions, so no talking down about yourself or anyone else.
Most women I have photographed were nervous and worried they wouldn’t feel or look great. But moments after walking into their session they begin to feel at ease. They also tell me that removing their ‘security blanket’ (clothes) helps them feel free. That feeling of freedom, that reality that “this is happening now” breaks down walls. And when your walls and worry leave there is room for me to bring out your sexy and show you just how absolutely amazing you are!

+ I’ve never had professional makeup before and I am scared it will be too much. Will I look like a cakey mess?

Absolutely not!
I hand pick my hair and makeup artists and they are the best. It may feel like you have on too much makeup or look too dramatic but I pinky promise you it will not look like that in camera. Cameras hide things that we see with the naked eye. Which can be great sometimes! But, it means that your everyday makeup will look like you aren’t even wearing makeup.

+ Do I have to have professional hair and makeup?

Again, absolutely not! I love sessions where my clients don't wear makeup! It's beautiful, just like sessions with makeup!
If wearing makeup sounds unappealing to you then you are welcome to be barefaced. There is nothing wrong with no makeup and this is all about helping you love yourself and feel empowered-so I would never ask you to do anything you don’t want to!

+ I am not a model and have no idea how to pose/I’m not photogenic. How can I look good in the portraits?

Absolutely no worries here! I have spent many many many hours studying and practicing helping women of all kinds to nail sexy and fun poses.
I give you simple actions to do so it isn't overwhelming at all. I'll say things like "place your head here, looke here,run your hand across your thigh, whip your hair, etc.". You won't be left wondering what to do. Promise!
Often, poses happen naturally as I see you do something simple. Like how you put your hair behind your ear, how you curl up in a chair, etc. You would be surprised how sexy everyday things can be!

+ A lot of the photographs on your website seem pretty modest; do you offer implied nude?

Yessss!!!! Oh my gosh I love implied nude.
I keep my website’s portfolio pretty modest just out of personal preference but if you want to see the implied nude work I have done then we can meet in person for viewing or more of my portfolio.
Contact me to view more of my portfolio!

Magnolia Grace Photography | Shreveport Boudoir, Beauty, & Wedding Photographer | Bossier Boudoir, Beauty, & Wedding Photographer | Magnolia Grace Photography Frequently Asked Questions

+ I have cellulite/acne/acne scars/stretch marks. Do you retouch each image?

I want every woman to fall in love with herself and realize her body is beautiful because it is hers. I empower women to see herself as the strong and amazing woman she is, as she is. Beauty comes in many shapes/sizes/colors so I show all portraits unretouched at your viewing session. I use lighting, posing, and clothes to flatter you and show you your best self.
However, if after seeing your edited portraits, you still would like something retouched I do offer light retouching for your finished artwork.
P.S. I always remove temporary blemishes. So if something suddenly pops up the week of, no worries!

+ What is your refund policy?

Due to the service and custom-made nature of boudoir photography all sales are final.
However, if you are dissatisfied with your session you do not have to order anything. There is no obligation. You can leave and have only paid for the experience, hair, and makeup.

+ Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, I absolutely do! Payment plans are available for all artwork purchases and are easy for both of us.
You will receive your artwork after your final payment is made.

+ What is your reschedule policy?

I understand that life is hectic. This is the exact policy I have for reschedules, straight from my contract.
In the event that the Client requests to reschedule a photographic event, the retainer shall be applied to a rescheduled event if notice is given at least 2 days prior to the schedule event. Client is required to pay for rental of a new location on the rescheduled date. Reschedule must be within the same calendar year. Client may reschedule up to 3 times, after the third reschedule the retainer is forfeited Any Client that is late arriving to the event will have the amount of time late deducted from the time allotted for the event. Clients shall not be compensated for the time deducted from the event due to late arrival of the Client.