Kimberly Aker Photography...Wait, What?!

You read that right.

My big announcement is that I am no longer Magnolia Grace Photography. I couldn’t be more excited to share about how this change is going to be super exciting for you!

I am 27 now, I have a baby, I am no longer trying to be a wedding photographer, I am the face of my business, and there are other versions of Magnolia Photography (and other businesses) out there.

The Magnolia isn’t completely leaving. I will still have a Magnolia as my logo because the meaning behind the Magnolia is still true. Magnolias still mean just as much to me, and they still make so much sense for my business. They are elegant, delicate, bold, unapologetic, beautiful, and breathtaking.

All the things my clients are and I am.You can read more about the reason the magnolia is important to me and my business here.

I am also expanding the types of sessions I offer.

Kimberly Aker Photography celebrates all the wild, messy, real-life, raw aspects of motherhood. So, I will be offering:

  • Lifestyle family sessions

  • Lifestyle, Boudoir, and portrait maternity sessions

  • Lifestyle newborn sessions

  • First home sessions

  • Boudoir

If you don’t know, lifestyle sessions are in-home portrait sessions where I document you and your family doing everyday life. As you know, I love celebrating and embracing the real life. With boudoir I have always preferred showing women that they can love their bodies as they are by not retouching my portraits. And lifestyle sessions just fit with that. I prefer them for my own family, and I cannot wait to offer them for my clients! Let’s celebrate your life together!

First home sessions are for families who are buying their first home as a couple, buying their first home with their new baby, buying their first home with their new blended family, etc. They are super sweet and fun ways to remember such a milestone.


Life is messy. There is no doubt about that, and I am always keeping it real about that on my insta story and Facebook.

Your baby spits up all over you, your bed, your couch, and sometimes you find that spit up on clothes you thought were clean or 3 days later in your hair.

Your toddler is definitely plotting to kill you. Whether by leaving legos out, or by stressing you out with all the destruction they can cause in the 2 minutes it took you to go pee.

Your preteen is growing up way too fast and breaking your heart while simultaneously melting it. Middle school is hard and you want them to stay little, but you also love all the helpfulness!

And your teenager, well, bless you Momma! Teens have ALL.THE.HORMONES. You feel for them and the struggle that is teen life, but if they roll their eyes one.more.time, you might choke them. #Reasonable.

I get it. Life is messy.

But that mess is just BEAUTIFUL!!!

Within that mess, there are also picnics in the park, Saturday morning snuggles and giggles with the whole family in your bed, family cooking, game night, etc.

Let me pause time for you with a lifestyle session. Remember the moment your baby was a baby, snuggling you, forever.


I am now Kimberly Aker Photography, celebrating all aspects of motherhood through boudoir and lifestyle portraits.

And the first 5 people to contact me and book a lifestyle session get a $200 print credit!

So, if you are looking for portraits of yourself or your family that celebrate the beauty of your messy life, contact me here, right now! Or fill out the contact form below!

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