Floyd IV's Lifestyle Newborn Portraits | Shreveport, La

Having a kid is a wild thing.

Floyd has been earth side for about 2 months now, and my soul is just fluttering with love for him.

He is so cute and squishy (now, not in these photos) and sweet and lovey.

I am so beyond happy to have these sweet pictures of him, Trey, and I. Even though it was hard to take them myself. So.dang.hard.

We basically spent the entire day calming a fussy baby so I could get photos of him! But it was worth it and I am so thankful for each and every one!

Even the ones where he is crying. They are precious because one day he won’t cry like that. His face and his cry will change. He won’t go all praying mantis and stick his arms up, but bent at the elbow. He won’t kick his feet with frustration. He won’t be this way for long.

I obviously love all the little detail pictures because he won’t have tiny toes, tiny fingers, tiny lips, and a head too big for his body for long.

His hair and eyes might even change colors! I will weep if they do because I love his strawberry blonde hair and his steely blue eyes!

His little arms are currently just barely long enough to go above his head, that won’t last.

His nose has that cute baby shape. Where it is completely flat on the bottom and has the CUTEST little slope.

I'm just so glad to have him now!

I always knew I wanted kids. I didn’t feel like it was the most important thing, but I knew I did want to have kids.

Originally, I planned to marry at 25 and have kids at 27. Ha! I did make one of those things happen.

I was married at 21. And, suddenly I wanted to have kids in two years. I was madly in love and I didn’t want to wait too long so that my kids would be able to remember their great grandparents. My Dad’s grandmother passed away at 103 (I think?) and I miss her always. She grew up in Shreveport, back when the area by Centenary was all cotton fields. I remember her house that we used to visit 2 blocks from centenary. We lived in Anderson Island and would pop by often!

It had blue stairs upfront.

My soul ACHES that she is gone.

I wanted my kids to be able to have more time with their great grandparents. But that was a lot to put on myself and it didn't happen. We ended up waiting until our 5 year anniversary to get pregnant. And I am super happy with that! I had to mourn the loss of my kids having that closeness and more time with their great grandparents, but once I did, I was perfectly happy with all our decisions!

I’ve also made SURE to take lots of photos of them and with them. I also take videos, so I can show my kids their face and let them hear their stories!

Back to Floyd:

I am so genuinely happy to have my tiny human here with me. He’s changed my life!

Speaking of changing my life, I have a BIG announcement for Magnolia Grace Photography coming up on Thursday!

I am so so so excited to share how this change is going to rock your world!

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