Nethers South Highland Mid-Century Modern Home Lifestyle Session

This past summer, almost immediately after I had Floyd, I knew I wanted to add families and babies to my photography offerings, in addition to women!

My good friend Meagan Nethers was having a baby soon and I knew she’d be the perfect person to do my first newborn session with! So, I asked her if she’d let me into her South Highland Shreveport home with my camera and she jumped at the chance!

I was a little nervous, of course, but most of all, I was SO EXCITED!!!

Having Floyd was like having a piece of me unlocked that I didn’t know was missing.

It’d always been there, knocking and whispering. But, I could never really hear it clearly and so I would just ignore it because I didn’t know what to do with it.

When I arrived, Meagan apologized for not quite being ready. I honestly was thrilled she wasn’t ‘ready’. That gave me time to capture even more natural moments of their family.

Jay (Meagan’s husband) was ready, Henry, their middle boy, was ready, and Jack, their oldest, was ready. But she and the tiny, new Mr. George weren’t quite there.

It was perfect.

Can I just brag on how adorable and subtly coordinated their clothes look?? Honestly, they did better than I ever could have imagined! They are my new go to when clients ask what to wear and for ME to know what to wear for a session! Cause honestly, I know what to tell clients, but I suck at picking out my own clothes for photo sessions of my own family. I always overdo it and overthink it.

I got some sweet photos of the boys playing and Meagan with them.

Then, Meagan got ready, I got some super sweet one on one time with all the boys, Dad included. This was so fun. They played and George cried, a lot. His tiny, new self just wanted Mommy! Poor guy. I felt for him honestly!

I also felt for Jay, as he tried to calm poor George.

Their home is a mid century modern home in South Highland’s and it is beyond stunning! I most of all love the really unique and high end wood paneling. This was clearly custom made paneling!

We ended the session with me holding Henry’s stuffed dog above my lens while he (I) talked to them and barked at them so that the boys would give me some sweet, natural giggles while actually looking at the camera for a second.
Truly, truly, only after having a kid would I have been comfortable barking from behind my camera.

This is why I didn’t do family sessions before, I felt out of place. But now? I feel right at home and I love it so dang much!

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