Mother's Day. A Day of Great Pain and Great Joy for Many.

This was my first Mother’s Day with my tiny earth side.

Last year I was over 8 months pregnant and didn’t know the sex of my tiny. I was celebrating Mother’s Day without having mothered my human, as a human. I had, however, definitely mothered. I had given up my body, my comfort, and my mobility for this tiny.
This mother’s day definitely meant more. I mean, pregnancy was loathsome, but actually having a human in life is a whole new ballgame.

Literally everyone says this, because it is freaking TRUE. So, I’m adding to the voices echoing this.

It is the hardest, most exhausting, most frustrating, most maddening, most beautiful, most loving, most joyful, most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.

Wouldn’t trade it for anything, but I’d also love predictability and sleep again.

So, ya know.

Yay, but bleck all rolled into one. Lol.

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Now, I know that with Mother’s Day joy, comes a lot of pain for many people. I didn’t want to only speak about my joy and other’s joy at this time of year.
So this half is for all Moms and those who have lost their Moms or have estranged Moms. The ones mothering their students, the ones mothering their friends and families kids, the ones with adopted babes, and the ones who lost babes.

First of all, if you’re doing mothering, even just to kids you see on occasion, thank you! We need kids to have multiple sets of parents. It’s hard to raise kids and they need all the help in life they can get so that they become the adults we all need.

Second, I know yesterday may have been hard for you. I can’t imagine and I am trying my best to always acknowledge the pain of others and be sensitive to it. I know it helps just to have your pain acknowledged. At least, that always helps me.

Being in pain and ignored/forgotten sucks.

I see you.

Third, I hope that you have people around you who loved on you and grieved with you yesterday. But if not, virtual hugs and love to you!


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