New Christmas Traditions with Floyd

All photos in this blog are phone photos I took on the fly.

All photos in this blog are phone photos I took on the fly.

I don't know about you, but Christmas is quite literally my favorite time of year! I just learned that the Philippines start Christmas festivities 4 months in advance and I'm now thinking about how plausible it would be to move there.

Not kidding.

I need the Christmas season to last longer.

I mean, Thanksgiving is great and all, if you forget the atrocities that colonizers did to the Native Americans before the peaceful Thanksgiving meal with them... But Christmas!? Well now that is just something wonderful and worth celebrating for forever! (Even though some of our Christmas traditions have very very dark pasts as well, like the Christmas tree origin. And no, it isn't because Jesus was hung on a tree...bless it. Humans are brutal.)

ANYWAY, I cannot cannot cannot WAIT to start some Christmas traditions with my son as well!

(crappy phone photos ahead)

One thing I know we will be doing is reading the Cajun Night Before Christmas. It’s literally my favorite thing on earth!

We also do some gifts on Christmas Eve, as that is my Mom’s Christmas so it’s nice to start Christmas, officially, with some present opening at our own home that morning. And then the rest Christmas day, which is my Dad’s Christmas.

We also, obviously, decorate the tree and house together. I can’t wait for him to be old enough to help and have his own little ornaments he’s made or been given to put on the tree!!!

This year, so far, we have been to the Holiday Express that KCS does. It's a small train with Santa and his elves that travels the country. The few train cars are decorated beautifully and it was a magical experience for everyone. (Although I may have been more excited than the kids, because, SANTAAA!!!!!)

Floyd got to meet Santa, although it was just about the least magical meeting of Santa possible, it was still SANTA and I skipped away afterwards because #Magic!!

This might be a new tradition for us! Who knows?!

We've got time to make lots of tweaks to our Christmas traditions and I am so excited to solidify ours as a family.

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Enough about me.

What are some of your favorite Christmas Traditions? Comment below because I am in search of some new and fun traditions for us!

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