Big Announcement!

Two weeks ago we talked about Christmas traditions and that our little family just has one really.

Since June or really since the beginning of this year, I have been blogging and sharing things that were ultimately leading up to this very moment in our lives. We remodeled our bathroom, planned our trip to NYC, Trey graduated with his masters in English, we had our first milestone 5 year anniversary, and went on our anniversary trip to NYC. I did a full blown mini series of posts about our trip to NYC, which was truly the most amazing thing on earth!

We were preparing. We knew that with Trey being out of school, that meant more money because we weren’t paying tuition. We did our bathroom remodel, started a kitchen remodel, and had plans for turning our enclosed carport into my studio.

And all of those things were budgeted for and to prepare our home to either be sold or be a home we could live in for longer. Because we were preparing for this announcement I am making to y’all!

Of course, plans never actually go the way you intend. When we came back from NYC, Trey’s truck officially died, the AC died, and the kitchen has been 1000 times longer than we thought.

We had to buy a new car and a new AC unit. Yes, the whole outdoor unit and a small part inside had to be replaced. So, that is two of the biggest purchases you’ll make, and we got to make them at the same freaking time!

After a trip to NYC.

And while completely remodeling the most expensive room in a house to remodel.

We didn't budget for that.

So, that was cool.


BUT, it didn’t stop our plans.

I am super excited to announce, that in the midst of all the crazy that is life and while feeling 100% unprepared, that we will be adding to our Christmas traditions next year!


There is a small human inside of me right now! MEEP!!!

Completely crazy and it just doesn’t seem real and probably won’t be real until our baby is in our arms.

So, that is why I’ve been very MIA with blogging and social media since September. I’ve kinda lost the pizzaz that makes me any good at or have any drive to do those things.

It’s coming back though, thankfully. And I’m so excited to document share our pregnancy and little babe for the rest of our lives!

I really feel like I’ve joined a super exclusive club. A club that I’ve always understood to a point, but now I’m in it and it’s like a whole new world or something! It’s really so cool!

We’re calling baby Aker a dinosaur, which just makes so much sense! But really, it kinda happened by accident and super naturally.

When we first saw the baby and heard the heartbeat we were speechless. But then when the tech left the room we were discussing how crazy that was.

Trey said the baby looked like a dinosaur, ha! And I said it looked like a black and white blob HA!

Trey continued to refer to it as a dinosaur and one day when we were driving down Line Ave, I still remember the spot, it all hit me! When Trey and I were dating we would “rawr” and “grawr” at each other all the time. And Trey has been calling baby a dinosaur, so baby would be a dinosaur and babies room could be dinosaur themed!!

So now, we have this toy dinosaur we bought for the session that goes with us to important events, and I take his picture so that we can document all the special events baby went to before baby was born!

We are so excited to have our own little roaring dinosaur, whatever the sex, in the spring!

Side note: Being photographer and client at the same time is super difficult! We took our first self portraits in New York and it wasn’t terrible, especially because I didn’t pose us much. I just let us be cute together. But for the baby announcement pictures, I had a specific idea in mind (the second time we attempted it-the first attempt I had no idea and that was bad) so we had to nail that specific pose. And yo, posing yourself is HARD!!!

So clients, I promise to keep coaching you on each pose so you’re never unsure if you’re doing it right. This reminded me how very important that is!

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