Don't Do No-Poo!!!!

Don't Do No-Poo!!!

I was wrong. There, I said it.

Ok, technically I can't say "don't do it" because maybe for you, it will work. But, basically, no. No, it will not work.

Sure, my hair was clean and I didn't wash as often and it was nice to not be killing the wetlands with shampoo and chemicals. But then, the breakage started. I was using Coconut Oil as conditioner and it was AMAZING. I loved it. Until it started getting harder and harder to brush. Earlier today was when I finally said no. I am DONE.

Don't Do No-Poo!!!

I was twirling a piece of hair between my fingers that had come loose from my head when I noticed it was breaking. I have ALWAYS wrapped loose hairs around my fingers and played with them, and they have NEVER broken. I had gorgeous, strong hair. So, when I felt my hair snapping between my fingers my stomach sank.

I had read the horror stories and seen all the questions, but I just wanted to believe this would work. I wanted to be frugal and use less chemicals. I wanted to not kill the earth. And, it seemed to work at first.

So, I just decided all those women asking about breakage were doing something wrong, like using too much baking soda (I know I'm not because when I do no-poo with less than a tablespoon per cup of water, my hair isn't totally clean.) I am SO mad that my hair is breaking! Like SOOOOOO mad. You cannot understand.

Don't Do No-Poo!!!

I'm not sure how you feel about your hair, but to me, my hair is my baby. I was so upset that it was breaking I couldn't focus on my work until I eventually made myself forget. My hair is at my lower back and that's how I like it. Gorgeous, red, fluffy, and long. If I have to cut it off because of this I will cry. Yes, I will cry if I cut off my hair. I love it that much! (I may idolize my hair which may be a problem...yeah.) I had JUST gotten it long enough to where I was happy with the length after a woman a few years back cut WAY too many inches off on accident. I am trying to get an emergency trim as soon as I can and I am going to buy a gentle shampoo and conditioner until I can find a better, earth-friendly and hair-friendly option. 

Don't Do No-Poo!!!

As it turns out, the PH of baking soda is just not right for hair. It is WAY too alkaline. There are MANY other options out there for natural hair care, I just need to get my hair healthy again before I go researching anything else.

PLEASE do NOT do the no-poo method!!!

I'm sad to go back to chemicals that hurt the earth, but I seriously can't kill my hair. Um, no!

Leave a comment with a time you tried to go more natural and it just.didn'! I need to hear that I'm not the only crazy one.

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