Why I Don't Do Resolutions!

Why I Don't Do New Years Resolutions

I was laying in bed December 30th trying to think about what my resolutions for 2015 should be. As I lay there getting distracted by other, more interesting, thoughts; I realize I just don't do resolutions. I never have and I tried and I hated them all.

You see, growing up at some point I swore off making promises. I knew God was the only being that kept every promise and I never wanted to make a promise. Ever. A human cannot guarantee the future, so why do we attempt?

Why I Don't Do New Years Resolutions

Ok, so now that I have grown up (I guess I'm grown up?) I don't have the same "why do we even attempt" view. We cannot sit back and say "well, I can't control everything so, whatever." Then for sure, nothing would get done. You seal your own fate. But I still do NOT make promises. I think my vows to my husband are my only promises and they are to do my best to love my husband as God loves us. It's not a promise, technically, because I did not say I will ALWAYS love him perfectly. Because I won't. I don't want to break a promise because a promise is a VERY strong word/verb/thing/whatever.

So, instead of making a promise (resolution) to do something in a year, I am going to write down all the wonderful things about this year and the things worth remembering. Big or small. And I will make vows to try my best to do things I want to do more. Not promises that I will do them this much or else.

Why I Don't Do New Years Resolutions

The list of wonderful things is a new thing for me to do because I just found my quote binder my older sister, Amy, made my little sister, Mom, and I for Christmas in 2007. I had been looking for this book for a few years but more recently I cried because I had really been searching for it and tore our house apart and it was nowhere. January 2nd I found it in a pile of my husband's things at his parents in Colorado. I must have brought it there years ago when we were dating. I was SO happy when I found it. I just cannot express my joy.

At the front of this binder of quotes is a letter made to me from Amy. This letter is from her when she was in college and I was in High School, we each got one at the front of our binders. She writes that almost every quote helped her through a hard time, is connected to a memory, or are feelings she once felt. She tells me about how much she loves me and how deeply I love and feel things. To protect myself from those in the world and 'find people on your level'. She ends with telling me to make a "Happy Book" at the front of the binder with a list of everything that makes/made me smile each year and date it. She says to "Look back and remember that in year 2007 you liked purple shoelaces" and to read my "Happy Book" when I am sad and it will make me happy.

Why I Don't Do New Years Resolutions

Clearly, this book is AWESOME and even more clear is that I LOVE and CHERISH this book like crazy. It's so important to me.

So, a few things I am adding to my happy book this year!

  1. I said 'stahp' way too much

  2. I was a girl that said 'can't even' a lot too!

  3. I started saying 'anywho' again. I used to say it all the time a few years ago.

  4. I explored a small city on foot by myself for the first time. SO exciting.

  5. I fell more in love with Trey

  6. I said 'noted' a lot when I was told notable info and it sorta became one of my things.

  7. I started wearing more of the color black.

  8. I fell in LOVE with leather and couture gowns (small problem, I can't afford couture)

  9. I played around with more 'fun' makeup. like blue eye shadow, bright eye shadows, and crazy liners.

  10. I shopped at Goodwill and got AMAZING clothes for way less expensive. Hello, awesome!

  11. My city got an H&M and Forever21, finally!

  12. I fell more in love with my city and was more passionate about making it even more lovable and beautiful.

  13. I started saying inanimate objects live places. Like, this house in my city has a historically old Oak Tree and I would say 'That's where the historic oak lives.'. Even though it's not a person.

  14. I am a pretty sarcastic person. This year when someone insulted me while joking, I would joke back with "you have no Jesus!". It was pretty much hysterical. If that offends you, then you aren't sarcastic and I can't make you think it's funny and silly.


My vow's to myself and my husband for the New Year, which are really just ongoing vows that I will keep forever. Can ya tell I'm not a big fan of resolutions?

  1. Love more.

  2. Learn to de-stress at home and rely on God more for rest so when I go on trips I don't bawl from relief.

  3. Grow in my relationship with the Lord.

  4. Blog more.

  5. Stop and enjoy the moments more. The moments that 'interrupt' my busy day and the ones that are just moments I pass by because I don't have 'time'.

  6. Let Trey know how important he is to me and how I appreciate and love him dearly more!

  7. Learn as much as I can and read for FUN!!

Both of these lists have WAY more that could be added to both of them but I kept it to the most fun and important ones so you weren't reading for days. Ha!


If you do resolutions, tell me in the comments below what your #1 resolution is for 2015 and tell me why. If you are like me, and you don't, tell me what is something you like to do for the new year. Like me doing my Happy Book and my vows. And don't forget to sign up for my newsletter!

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Welcome to my Blog!! If you would like to keep up with my super-ritzy blog and know about all specials before anyone else, please sign up for my VIP list!!!