Humans Suck | Love Is Life.

Investing in human beings is very hard. Humans are sinful, they hurt you, they are selfish, they tend to do the exact opposite of what you are praying for them to do. But, investing in people is what we were made for and it is how we enrich our lives. If you had no family and friends you would be much more miserable than having friends and family that occasionally pierce your heart.

Now, I am NOT saying loving others should be for your own happiness. Then it's not love. Love is 100% selfless. That's the hard part.

I tend to invest in people a LOT more than the average person. I love very deeply and I love quickly. I get invested very fast and that means I get hurt deeply and quickly.

It’s an amazing quality to have but it also HURTS! And I get so mad at myself sometimes. I just want to heal, help, and love the world. And I can’t. I sometimes forget that I am human and that Christ is the only one who can heal. I can help and love, but He heals.

If I could simply remember to rely on Christ for EVERYTHING my hurt would be lessened. I would still ache for souls and still cry and feel heart-broken, but much less than if I considered it all about me.

I don’t know if you have this problem or, not problem, but quality. It is not a problem to love deeply. Anywho, I am certain someone reading this does. If you don’t, it’s like anyone you get remotely close to you invest in and think of ways to help them. Even people you don’t really like.

I am not trying to say I hate this about me, it’s amazing! But, there are times it just breaks me and that’s so hard. I feel like lately it’s been happening more and more! It’s become quite a trial and I am trying to find a balance between jaded and sane.

It’s the reason I started this business and the reason I am involved in a women’s ministry called Purchased. I want to love women and show them how amazing they are. I don’t have to know everything about someone to know they are, or have the potential to be amazing. As a Christian I 100% believe with Christ you can be healed and He will use your strengths to help others. As a human I believe we all have strengths and weaknesses and when you dwell on your weaknesses or don’t see (and don’t try to see) your strengths you will never be happy with your life and yourself.

We are so much more than our bodies, our beauty, our lack of physical strength. We are souls created with a purpose to love one another and love Christ.

Also, if you didn’t notice, I totally love love.

Now, go forth (hehe) and LOVE!!! Find your potential and rule the world with it!!

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