Journey to New York: Part 1

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May/June 2016, around our 4 year anniversary, we were heading to my sister-in-laws wedding. Which was fabulous and exciting. I didn’t mind that we weren’t doing anything ‘fab’ for our anniversary. That kind of stuff isn’t super important to me.

However, I was already thinking of our 5 year anniversary.

Because we never do much for our anniversaries, I wanted our 5 year, a milestone anniversary, to be special. I wasn't sure of what that meant yet, but I wanted it to be ‘fab’.

Fast forward to February of 2017, I had decided I might want a nude sketch of myself as a gift, or to travel, or to get filigree added on to my engagement ring to make it more vintage looking.

Clearly I was still unsure of what I want, and the engagement ring or nude sketch idea mean I would have to find something to get Trey, and all he ever wants is stuff for his gaming pc...not exactly sweet or sentimental.


Then a senior I was mentoring told me about some music festivals she’d been to. We got to talking about music and it hit me! Like, hello, Trey and I love music, so let’s go to a music festival! I searched for ones that were on the weekend of June 2nd (Trey would be teaching summer school so we would only have the weekend), and Bonnaroo was it!
So the planning process started. I was already planning out my festival outfits (I have been planning and dreaming up festival outfits for years…I like clothes and makeup), I was ready!

But then the act we would’ve really wanted to see was the last act on Sunday, the day we’d have to leave. And it cost so very much money. We could use that same amount of money for so much more.

So then the search went back to travel, but this time with a bigger budget because we’d realized we could afford more when we started planning our trip for Bonnaroo.

So the dreaming got bigger.

We could afford a full week somewhere.

We could just move the trip to July.

We could fly with our bigger budget.

Where would we want to fly?

What would the AirBnB cost in that city?


San Francisco?


New York?

Yup. New York City. That is where we wanted to go the most. Our hearts sang when we thought about being there. That was it. We had to go there.

We even got a little crazy and considered Europe, the dream of all dreams. Then we laughed when we saw just the price of flights and came back to New York City.

And so the dream came true and trip planning began!

Trey was freaking out, I was freaking out. We slept on it for a few days, then booked our flights and AirBnB.

I started a New York playlist and a New York City itinerary document. I started by finding all the things we could dream of doing and putting them on the list.

Then I started planning out our days by borough with the best route for each day to maximize our walking and subway rides so that no time was wasted. Seriously, I knew the map of NYC pretty damn well by the time we got there.

Then in early April one of my favorite bands announced he would be starring in a Broadway play, Kinky Boots (one member band now). Brendon Urie of Panic! At the Disco would be starring in a freaking play.

I squealed and immediately booked our seats. I mean, I knew we would be seeing a play while in New York and being kind of in love with Brendon (y’all, I am like a 14 yr old. It’s weird. Whatever.) I obviously had to see him. I mean, of course.

I'm the weird one with the peace sign glasses...

I'm the weird one with the peace sign glasses...

Fast forward to Sunday July 9th 2017, today is the Journey concert (see that not so subtle plug in the title?? Eh?) with all of the family (minus father) and also the day before we leave for New York City!

We’re insane.

I mean, we’ve always known this, but going to a concert, and then having to wake up at 6 am the next morning to drive to Dallas and catch a flight? Um, talk about stress.

As a general rule, the day before traveling anywhere, you take it easy, check your list, make sure you’re good to go, and go to sleep sober and early.

Not go to a concert, drink, and go to bed at 1 am...

But, I had been packing for a full week. I was ready! So ready. I had planned and prepared and we had all our ducks in a row.


However, as with anytime things seem to be going well, there’s always another shoe ready to drop. And this shoe was laced with car trouble, hangovers, and nearly missing our flight.


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