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Since I was a child I was taught I could do anything I wanted and that as a girl (now woman) I was just as amazing, wonderful, and important as a man. They didn’t raise me to believe I was anything but a badass basically.
I was never told by anyone in any powerful position that I couldn’t because I was a woman. It was the opposite. And I didn’t know, until I became an adult, how incredibly lucky I was to have that.
So, when I saw a Facebook event for a women’s march this past Saturday, I knew exactly what I was doing Saturday at 3pm. I was marching for all the women past, present, and future. And boy, was I nervous. I got my older sister to come with me with her amazing children and we had the best time.

Saturday's #WomensMarch gave me so much joy that I am still riding on. Not just because I was able to march for women and human rights for those around the world, but because of the people who supported me and my decision who I did not expect.
And when I told my husband (very nervously) that I wanted to go to the march downtown, he exclaimed "AWESOME!" and all of my fear washed away. He is my biggest supporter and has empowered me to do more things than I thought I was capable of.

And all of my joy and empowerment and need for marching for women's rights was solidified when a man approached me as I was leaving. He said “what were y’all bitching about down there?” And I had to hold back because hate never solved anything.
That moment made me thankful for Jesus. Because when he said that I opened my mouth to say “You, you asshole. You’re the reason, because you think a peaceful protest is women bitching. Obviously you've never seen a woman bitch so let me show you.” and instead, love came out.
Jesus stopped my mouth from creating more hatred and gave love. Which I was blessed for.

My Poem:
"Why I Marched"

Saturday I marched.✊💜
For trafficked women and girls.
For the women caught in slavery.
For the men in slavery.
For the children in slavery.
For the oppressed.
For the beaten.
For the abused.
For the raped.
For the hushed.
For women taught to believe that the only thing of value they have is their body, so they sell it.
Because when I left the march a man asked me what we were 'bitching' about.
Because women cannot speak up without it being considered bitching.
Because as a young girl I remember being sad for black women.
Because I knew racism and sexism were still rampant and it ached my soul to know they were subjected to both racism and sexism.
Because I now refuse to be sad, I choose to fight for them and all of us!
Because when I was 11 a boy took out his penis and walked up to me to show it to me.
Because when I was 20 a grown former coworker got too close, started touching my body, mid-conversation, without permission.
Because he wouldn't stop when I asked him to and shoved his hands away.
Because when he touched my stomach and noticed my belly button was pierced he asked to see it.
Because when I said no, that it was just for me and no one else, he told me that no woman gets their belly button pierced just for themselves.
Because I will never forget that moment when he told me that what I do to my body is for men.
Because I will never forget watching another male coworker sitting and nearby and just watching.
Because when I was 13 a boy on the bus held down my arms and shoved skittles into my mouth while pressing his body against mine.
Because when I asked him to stop he told me that he was flirting and it was no big deal.
Because it was terrifying to be surrounded by people and feel completely helpless to him. He was stronger than me and no one noticed.
Because over 80% of the women I know well have been raped.
Because I can name 10 of them off the top of my head.
Because those ten were all my closest friends or my family and there's only 2 women as close to me that haven't been raped.
Because, in America, rapists can get away with 6 months in jail even when they were caught in the act.
Because that judge didn't want to 'ruin' the rapists life.
Because his life was more valuable than the woman's life he had ruined by RAPING her!
Because people seriously still ask "Well, why didn't she speak up sooner?"
Because people still believe that God views women as less important than men.
Because they refuse to acknowledge that Jesus choosing to speak to that woman at the well and choosing to reveal himself after his resurrection to women first was purposeful and means God views women as very great and beautiful. He was sending a message.
Because women across the world are still considered second class citizens.
Because women in other countries are treated unfathomably worse than I could dream of.
Because they can't speak up without fear of murder.
So I speak for them.
Because my story isn't rare or unique.
In America or across the world.
For more than just women. But especially for women.

I marched because women are still not seen as equally human. We are too often seen as bitchy, nagging, dramatic, sex toys.

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