February Obsessions

February Obsessions | Magnolia Grace Photography | Shreveport Bossier Arklatex Boudoir & Wedding Photographer
  • My husband turned 27!!! Ok, it isn’t just that he turned 27. It was his whole birthday weekend. I will add the festivities as part of the list below.

  • We got all dressed up for the first time in forever and went on a real date. The date was to Robinson’s Film Center to see the latest Shape of Shreveport episodes. It was perfection!

  • We finally saw Argo and Straight Outta Compton. And both movies totally shocked me. They weren’t gimmicky or filled with trash (minus the one orgie scene in SOC, with naked women and fully clothed men…). I loved them!

  • We bought Pizza, drank beer, and were generally acting like college kids with no life. Which is fantastic to do on occasion.

  • He was hit in the face with a puck. A deflected slapshot to be exact. That was fun, ha!

          That concludes his birthday weekend.

  • Taylor swift got the same haircut as me!

  • ENDIT Movement February 25th, the day to draw a red X on your hand to shine a light on slavery. This day, all the feels. Any organization for ending human slavery has my heart.

  • More Mardi Gras madness with the last two parades and excellent King Cake!

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