Top 10 Fall Festivals in the Arklatex | "What to do in Shreveport-Bossier?" Series

Top 10 Fall Festivals in the Arklatex | "What to do in Shreveport-Bossier?" | Arklatex Festivals | Arklatex Events | Shreveport Festivals | Shreveport Events | Bossier Festivals | Bossier Events
  1. Rockets Over the Red - November 26th 2016
    Fireworks, who doesn't love them?! I just adore fireworks and watching them makes me feel like a kid with no problems, only joy. It is a wondrous thing to watch a great fireworks show. So don’t miss it ok?!

  2. Red River Revel - October 1st-8th 2016
    Oh, the revel. This event makes my heart happy. Staring at all the art inspires me and fills me up. It is one of my happy places. And then, there is also the funnel cakes. DUH!!!

  3. Louisiana State Fair in Shreveport - October 27 - November 13 2016
    HI THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVE EVENTS OK?! Seriously though, I have been going to the fair since I was a kid. I used to ride all the scariest rides but after losing my lunch in middle school due to my new, weak stomach (I was truly so upset at my stomach. It took my Dad took 30 minutes and a story about sailors getting seasick after years of never being seasick for me to accept my new, lame stomach!), and preferring permanently placed rides, I don’t ride them anymore.
    Now, I just walk around and see all the cool stuff, maybe ride a fun ride that isn’t dangerous, and go see the rodeo and/or the monster truck show. I know, that sounds weird coming out of my mouth just as much as it did reading it for you. #NoShame, I feel like a giddy kid at the monster truck show! I also love to go in the evening so I can be mesmerized by all the lights.
    There is also a haunted tour for Halloween, I think, and it’s amazing. I don’t go because I don’t do scary. But if you do, it’s kind of amazing from what I hear!

  4. Highland Jazz and Blues Festival - September 17th 2016
    This is an amazing event that friends of mine put on and they do an amazing job! I am so blown away by the food and talent at the Festival. It makes my heart pitter patter every year. And the best part? All the preshow parties and the after parties! Yes, please!

  5. Brew - October 15th 2016
    Ok, I really, really, really love good beer and this place was like heaven. You get a good sampling of any beer in the entire place. This gets you pretty good and tipsy, at 2 in the afternoon. And you get to widen your beer palate. It is just plain amazing ok?

  6. Makers Fair - November 12th 2016
    A place to get all the handmade art in the Arklatex while meeting all the artists. It’s an awesome event with some very gorgeous art! I absolutely love going every year!

  7. Shreveport Art Walk - Starting September 7th 2016
    This event is technically year-round. So it will be featured in all the seasonal festival posts.
    This event features art studios around downtown and you will not want to miss it! I can’t wait to go! There are some studios on the list that I didn’t know existed so I am pretty ecstatic!

  8. Super Derby - September 10th 2016
    Hello, wonderful! The super derby is held at Louisiana Downs and is phenomenal! Buy your gorgeous hat and get your ticket to go to this years amazing race with competitors from around the country. We are truly blessed to have such an event and a horse race track. So go already!

  9. Cirque du Lake - September 23rd 2016!!! This event is a blast - especially for kids! Seriously, it’s a celebration of art in such a fun and unique way. I am so thankful for the Agora and iArchtecture for doing this every year!

  10. Film Festival - September 29th - October 1st 2016
    This event is for the adults to go and enjoy something amazing downtown for 3 days. There is something new each day, including a music festival in with the film festival. And you get a pass to the revel when you buy a pass to the festival.


Bonus Festival: Shreveport Oktober Fest
I just could not truly narrow it to ten. I tried. I failed. I don't care. This is an awesome event so go and enjoy!
This event is held at Zocolo's in Shreveport. There is awesome German beer and food. My mouth is watering thinking about it!

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