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When I was growing up, I had few self image issues. I pretty much thought I was fabulous!! But even still, I did not always treat myself as though I was fabulous. And every woman around me was torn down and destroyed by their own thoughts and feelings, as well as by others. They never believed they were beautiful. They didn’t see what I, and everyone else saw. They said the meanest things to themselves about their intelligence, their bodies, and their personalities. And it broke.my.heart.

I watched friends take drugs laced with worse drugs and have awful things happen, and then turn around and literally shrug it off like it was what they deserved! I watched friends and family cut themselves, go through eating disorders, try on clothes as if they were walking to their death, freeze or run at the site of a camera, stop to put on makeup before any fun picture as if their own face was scary somehow, leave clothing stores in tears - utterly defeated, stay in relationships (romantic and friendly) that were like poison because that is what they thought they deserved, lose their light and joy slowly until they were unrecognizable. The list seriously goes on forever and most women have done some of these things or seen all of them in other women.
Some women got to a point where they really believed all the horrendous things that were said to them. They believed it so much, or maybe just thought so little of themselves, that they became to say the exact same horrible things to themselves. It became as natural as breathing to just spew hateful lies in their own heads, subconsciously, about themselves. And every single one of them thought they deserved it, somehow. Heart shattering is probably a more accurate description on how it affected me.

I really can't explain in words how much this killed my heart. It isn't something that can be put into words. I desperately wanted them to be happy, and see how absolutely freaking awesome they were!

As a result of my broken heart for them, at a very young age I started doing everything in my power to show these women that they are valuable and amazing! It was basically my personal mission in life because it was the thing that broke my heart more than anything. That is why I volunteered with Purchased as well. Purchased is a ministry for women in the sex industry. Women who have been told and taught their worth is found in the sex industry. Which is obviously untrue and Purchased is here to show them they are worth more and their worth is in Christ.

Ok, enough preaching. I never planned to own a photography business growing up or to own one that helped women see they are amazing and worth so much more than their bodies. I planned to be a vet, Doctor, and then nurse. But God had another plan and I ended up here, where my heart belongs. Helping women love themselves better through an empowering and personalized session with me!

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