How & Why I Chose My Business Name

How & Why I Chose My Business Name | Magnolia Grace Photography | Shreveport Boudoir, Beauty, & Wedding Photographer | Bossier Boudoir & Beauty Photographer | Louisiana Boudoir, Beauty, & Wedding Photographer

Magnolia Grace, it isn't my personal name and it might seem a bit random, like I chose it simply because it sounds pretty. But, it is so very very far from either of those.


The magnolia flower is one of the prettiest flowers on earth to me. I like breathy flowers so peonies are on my favorite's list too. I LOVE magnolias. They make my heart and soul sing.
And, fitting for a business focused on celebrating women, three of my fave women love magnolias as well! My mother, my Memaw, and mother in law are women who are dear to my heart and love magnolia's too.
My mother is the strongest woman I know! I really mean that even though everyone says it. She is truly so beyond strong and she is not afraid to be who she is, say how she feels and what she wants! That is inspiring! She has inspired me in ways I probably don’t even know yet and the ones I do know, I cannot begin to count. She also grounds me when I am completely freaking out. We are alike in that. We are both overdramatic when it doesn't matter, but when the shit is actually hitting the fan, we are the calmest people around. We're total twinsies. I look identical to her (I mistook a photo of her for myself and my own husband has mistaken a photo of her for me as well. Ha!) and we have many many similarities in our personalities, like the aforementioned trait.
My mother in law is wonderful! I am so lucky to have her! She is a voice of reason and understanding. She is like a second Mom to me, and I really love having two Mom's!
My Memaw is so incredible! She is where I get my Cajun heritage (thanks!) and I just enjoyed hanging out with her so much growing up! Mom and her both really fostered a love for my Cajun heritage and I am forever thankful for that. Growing up, I would just go spend the day with her, doing a whole lot of random nothing. We'd do bubbles on the back porch, we'd play cards, we'd just have fun! She always cooked fantastic Christmas dinners too. Always with Cajun flair. She's also where I get (and Mom) a lot of our 'spunk' if you will! Ha! We are a long line of fiery Cajuns. I hear my Great Grandpa was similar :)
My heart aches with love for all three of these fabulous women! And their love for magnolia’s is just more of a reason to love the flower!

P.S. they all love the color purple just as much as I do too! It's. Otherwise weird AND amazing that we all love purple and magnolias 💜

Magnolia's represent so many things to me:

  • Sensuous
  • Louisiana
  • Home
  • Boldness
  • Femininity
  • Delicateness
  • Elegance
  • Simplicity
  • Grace
  • Gentleness
  • Uniqueness

The beauty of the flower is just so breathtaking. The stark contrast of the white flower and the dark green leaves, the simplicity of the white petals, and the curly complexity of the center of the flower gives the flower an elegant boldness that just draws me in!

Kimberly Aker Photography | Shreveport Boudoir & Portrait Photographer | Bossier City Boudoir & Portrait Photographer | How & Why I Chose My Business Name



Grace is my life basically. Without the Grace of Jesus, I wouldn't be who I am. I wouldn't be able to give my all to my clients all the time because I wouldn't be renewed by Grace on the regular. Running a business is exhausting. Running a creative business takes so much mental energy it isn't funny. So having grace from God allows me to have the grace to love myself, despite the negativity; the grace to love others, even when they are not loving; the grace to never forget why I do what I do; etc. Grace is something that is very important to me and when choosing my name I knew I could never let myself forget what it was that allowed me to be who I am and do what I do. So, grace absolutely had to be part of my name. That way I cannot forget.

It also represents what my business is about. I mean, Magnolia Love doesn't exactly roll off the tongue and it sounds a tad cheesy. So grace was the next best reminder for me!


I could go on for hours about what my name means to me, but this is a good nutshell as to what it means. In this video (excerpt from my about me video) I give deeper details into the meaning of the flower for me!

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