How to Destress & Get in the Holiday Spirit

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As an adult Holiday season is a bit different than it was as a kid. You are responsible for the gifts for everyone, and you’re Santa. You deal with getting it all wrapped, getting everyone to the right places for their holiday parties (parents, bless you), getting everywhere Christmas day and Christmas eve. It’s a lot to do and it can be very stressful and no one should look upon the Christmas season (um, the best season might I add)  with worry and anxiety.

So, I have compiled a list of amazing things to do this season that will be sure to make your heart grow three sizes in one day!


Choose a favorite charity and adopt a family to give to.

If you have kids, this is an amazing way to get them involved in focusing on loving others this season. Each member of the family can get a gift (even if you, the parents, are buying it) for one of the family members that you have adopted. This is something my small group has been doing the last few years and we LOVE doing it. The kids all love it too.
P.S. if you personally know a family in need, you can also adopt that family. We have done this as well. Corporate giving/serving isn’t the only kind that matters.


Go ice skating.

Do it as a couple or bring the kids. Personally, I recommend doing both.


Grab a book, some hot chocolate, and a fire (or blanket) and spend some time with yourself.

Kick the husband out of the house with the kids and return the favor for him one day. Or send the kids to grandmas, a friends, whoever you can. If you don’t know anyone then call me (318) 309-7465 or email me and I will you up! I know a lot of amazing sitters! And allow yourself to be alone this season. You will thank me, and yourself, later!


Go light watching.

Put on 96.5 or your favorite Christmas station on your music app, go for a drive at dusk, and just stare at all the pretty light displays around town. We used to do this all.the.time as kids. Like, multiple times. Because there are plenty of light displays in the Shreveport - Bossier City area.

Make and decorate a gingerbread house.


Go see Santa!

This may not be the least stressful thing, but you can do it on your own time and you get to see Santa, everyone loves Santa! Even if you don’t have kids, Santa is the coolest and you can at least enter a store Santa is in and see Santa. He brings joy even if you don’t talk to him. Santa just makes my heart happy and he still comes to see adults. Ok? Ok.


Go to Christmas in the Sky.

Seriously, go!


Have a night in

Baking cookies, Christmas music, and watching a favorite Christmas movie! This is a classic and so much fun!


The Nutcracker.

Oh, how I love this ballet every year. It is well with my soul. I cry everytime. Ballet feeds my soul, much less a ballet about Christmas. Ugh, go see it. Make it a date night with your person. Have some drinks at dinner and go see the most wonderful thing of the season! It opens December 9th.


Go to the Benton Christmas in the Square.

What a fun event this is for the whole family! Enjoy the spirit of Christmas with the parade and events.


Go to the Holiday Swing with Byron Stripling at the Riverview theater!

Oh my gosh, this is something that will definitely keep up your spirits and rid you of stress. Yes, yes, go!


Decorate the tree and the house!

Give each family member an official task. Like I used to help decorate outside because I liked climbing and the decorating of the tree was an everyone task. Make it a whole evening or day of fun the day or Saturday after Thanksgiving so everyone is still home and relaxed!