2015 Obsessions!

2015 Obsessions! | Magnolia Grace Photography | Shreveport Boudoir Photographer
  • My clients! Oh my goodness I have the best job! I get to photograph/counsel and befriend the women that are ready to make a change! Y'all have made me laugh, cry, beam with joy, and blush with flattery! I love you all so so much and please continue to be strong, beautiful, and amazing women!

  • I learned to drink my coffee black (& LOVE it!) and felt that much more badass!

  • I gained so.much confidence this year. It has been one of the best years of my life as I grew and changed so much for the better!

  • Taylor Swift Concert. IJS. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life!

  • I learned to snowboard in Breckenridge!!! I could heel turn with zero issues but I could.not toe turn. And I learned other small and helpful things because me and my friend Jessica took a 3 day class! Best decision ever!

  • Um, I spent New Year's Day tootling around Breckenridge exploring, photographing, and doing whatever I wanted to all alone! That is still, hand-down, one of the best days of my life! french cafe, snow, an art gallery, getting funny looks for walking alone and photographing random things! Yes, please! My soul was full!

  • My family coming in town from Colorado throughout the year! My sister-in-law made her annual trip for her birthday with her boyfriend (now fiance!) and best friend. And we had too much fun! And then my in-laws came, and it was lovely. And then they all came for Thanksgiving! It was just the best to have them here so much! We love them to pieces!

  • My niece and Nephew were born!!! Ah!

  • Baton Rouge! Oh my! If you followed me on snapchat this summer you saw my shenanigans! Again, more soul searching! Trey was there for a workshop so during the day I explored on my own. I found a favorite coffee shop thanks to a recommendation from a friend, got lost and then figured it out without gps bc it failed, fell in love with Trader Joes, fell in love with a local bar/Louisiana food establishment.

  • I got a new freaking car! Aka, SUV. Best ever. It is beautiful and my baby!

  • I got truly healthy with the food I put in my body and using oils as much as I can instead of medicine. I feel like a new freaking person! I LOVE it!!!

  • Um, I chopped off my hair HELLO WHAT!? Coolest and most terrifying decision EVER!!!

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