Kick Negativity in the Butt!!!

On any average day I may look at myself in the mirror and think “God that pooch on my tummy is disgusting and good grief my legs are so ugly and shapeless!” I may also look at a problem that I have never faced and think “I could never do that, I can’t fix this, I will never be that good.” It’s as though us women have a naturally small ego that cripples us in life and work!Women seem to think they are never good enough. Never thin enough, pretty enough, smart enough, and so on. I am not really sure why this is but I know some great ways to start loving yourself and having a can-do attitude!

The instant I start to think my legs are gross or my tummy is gross I stop myself and say something positive about my body. I also try to say a prayer that I would not put my body shape and size as what I value most. When I start to say there is no way I can do something, I stop and break down whatever it is I am telling myself I can’t do. I also try to learn as much as possible and remind myself that if I say I can’t do something, then I certainly won’t ever do it.Here is a list of all the ways that I and other women have helped chase away body image negativity and “I can’t do that” thoughts:

  • Dressing right for my body and realizing that just because that shirt with the awkward cut and design doesn't look good on me, it doesn't mean I am not attractive. It means I can’t be every body type in the world and wear all the clothes. I am one person and what works for me may not work for you because I am not a chameleon. Ha!

  • Living a healthy and happy life is WAY more important and valuable than living the life the magazines tell you to. Um, BORING much?

  • Reading what the bible said about putting your hope in vain things.

  • Laughing at myself!! Oh my goodness the value of laughing at yourself and NOT being so serious all the time is CRAZY!!! When you screw up and feel like a failure...LAUGH. You are human and mistakes make you a better person.

  • Focus on what you DO love about your body!

  • Tell myself I CAN do it. Having faith in yourself is SO important. If you tell yourself you can't do something, it certainly won't ever get done!

  • Diving head first into it with my music blasting and figuring it out. Sometimes this is the only way. You just have to get in there and start working.

  • Say something positive about your body the instant you start to think negatively about your body!

Thoughts some girlfriends had on the subject:

  • Start with small things and accomplish small tasks and as you accomplish small things you build confidence in yourself. Never try to take on one big task. And if you must take on a big task, break it down into small parts and do one thing at a time!

  • Remember that you are not your body. You are your heart, mind, and soul. Your body is simply the shell you live in.

  • CHOOSE to love your body. Love is a choice at first. Choosing to love it is just one step closer to naturally loving it.

  • Write (in lipstick or in expo marker) truths on your mirror. Like, “I am beautiful” “I am amazing”

  • Your body was made to change. And those changes show what you have been through as a person. It tells your story. And your story is who you are, so never be ashamed of that!

  • Focus on what you CAN do and remember that you are amazing so this obstacle shouldn't stop you!

These problems will no doubt still be challenges your entire life because we are human. But you can make it a whole lot less distracting and crippling to your life by implementing these tips!If we all stopped our negative behavior and replaced it with positivity and love, our lives would be filled with so much more progress and happiness. Our main focus in life should be on love. Loving ourselves, loving others.
You are beautiful and amazing. Don’t forget that!

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If you enjoyed this blog post and you would like Professional Tips on How to Have an Incredible Boudoir Session then fill out the form below! It’s completely free, quick, and easy!!!