10 Things I Bet You Don't Know About Me!

So, for day 4 of the Feel Good Blogging Challenge Alex has asked us to tell the world 10 things you don't know about me. Creating this list was a tad hard because I am a pretty open book and I like it that way. But, I managed  to make a list more than 10 and I had to narrow it down! So, here y'all go!


1. I am obsessed with those fat hoppy brown birds.

I am not kidding. I wrote a thing about it, which you can see below. They are fat, and hoppy, and round, and cute. They hop around and eat french fries and stuff. They fluff their feathers. I love them and I want to hug them! #IAmNotAshamed!



2. I am Dysgraphic & ADHD

Yup, that is right! I have a disorder you have probably never heard of. Dygraphia is a writing disorder where my brain has a hard time figuring out how to write letters and numbers. Therefore, I write very slow and sloppy. It is frustrating at times when I know what I want to write and my hand can't produce it fast enough. Which is why I typed everything in middle and high school.
ADHD is complicated to describe. It makes your brain different and it affects each person differently. It makes you slower at processing, sporadic, smart, complicated, and way too many other things to list! But, the best thing is that new science is emerging on the affects that everyday chemicals have on those with ADHD, Autism, and other learning diabilities. So I now work to eliminate the toxic chemicals I come into contact with.


3. I HATE Shoes.

No, really. I would rather be barefoot always. Therefore, I have LOTS of foot injuries. And I don't have pretty pedicured feet. Pedicures last for, like, a week.

*Edit* : I LOVE shoes for fashion. I just take them off as soon as they have made their entrance and impression, haha!


4. I am terrified of new people.

This one I feel like shocks everyone. I am the loudest person in the room, I don't care what anyone thinks of me, I am so obviously an extrovert.
But new people truly terrify me! I don't know how to meet new people. I don't know how to have small talk. I don't know how to introduce myself. I say the dumbest things. I say the worst thinks at the wrong time-even to people I know well. So why on earth would I want to talk to someone who doesn't know that the thing I just said that made me sound like an asshole isn't at all how I meant that?
It's just such a train wreck. Always.
So, every time I meet a new person I don't speak unless I have to. I wait until I get to know them some or they have gotten to know me. And by that last part, I mean I basically talk to everyone around me close enough to the new human so that they will get a feel for my awkward and learn that I am just awkward. Then maybe when I am awkward around them, they won't think I am an incompetent idiot or an asshole.
I have issues. I have accepted this...


5. I am a Snob

Not just any snob though. I am a snob of pretty things only, but that does NOT equal expensive even though I know expensive always equals quality. I have very high taste when it comes to clothes, makeup, art, interior design, exterior design. I am SO snobbish about these things. I believe if you simply try and educate yourself you can create a beautiful outfit, furnished home, face of makeup, and the list goes on, inexpensively. I do it. See my previous blog post.


6. The Bond the Kardashian Sisters (all 5) Have is Just Like Mine with My 2 Sisters

Seriously, we fight and love the same. Their entire family unit of insanity, closeness, and realness is just like my family's. I wouldn't have it any other way. Love my big and little seesters!


7. My Husband is One of the Best Things That Ever Happened to Me

God totally worked through my husband to change me and save me. And we are now best friends and I can't imagine life without him. He was, I think, only the second person (not including family) that loved me for ME and liked every strange and crazy thing about me. I met him right after graduating high school and never looked back!


8. I was injured a lot as a kid.

I never broke more than one bone, but due to being a tomboy and a klutz I was injured a couple times a year. I was always falling and hurting my feet with glass, metal, and concrete (see #3) Once, I was playing on my new scooter at the apartment complex my Daddy lived in and I thought it would be SO cool if I ramped over the speed bump...no. It was not cool. The scooter stopped moving and I didn't. I hit the asphalt face first and I am pretty sure fractured my nose a little. I don't know because we never had it checked but my nose shows signs of being broken at some point and that was the hardest it ever hit anything.


9. I was (am?) a climber!

I climbed EVERYTHING starting at the age of 2. Bless my mother. I am the child that took her type A personality and shot it down! Once, my Momma left the kitchen for a minute and I rolled a big glass milk jar taller than me (the huge ones) up to the fridge to climb on and get something off the top of the fridge. I was laying in shards of glass bigger than me when my Momma came running. We have no idea how that happened. All we know is I rolled it in there and then it broke and all I have to show for the shards that could have killed me is a scar on my pinky where a tiny tiny chunk of skin was missing. That's just one example. I will get payback one day...*sigh*
I still like to climb.


10. I am a conflicted country/city girl.

I LOVE living in the middle of the city where the best food, culture, shopping, art, and architecture is right down the street. But, I love being out in nature and riding horses. My soul is split. I want to live in New Orleans for the Cajun Culture, art, people, food, all that. But, I want to live outside it to be able to be free, ride my horses, let my dogs and cats roam free, raise my chickens, go 4-wheeling, and hunt on my own land. The conflicted-ness inside of me is beyond frustrating!

10 Things I Bet You Don't Know About Me!

Bonus Facts:

I am a bit of a Hippie. My family always called me the Flower child. I wanted to be a Vet, then an ER Dr or Surgeon, then a Nurse. But, photography always stayed true as a career path since I was little. I still LOVE learning about the body and how to fix it and fixing people.

Can you tell me ONE fun fact that most people might not know about you in the comments below?