Introduction to Kimberly, Face of Magnolia Grace Photography

My name is Kimberly Aker and I am the photographer and owner of Magnolia Grace. I started a 7-day blogging challenge thanks to Alex Beadon, my inspiration to be a better business owner. So, here goes the first post!

1. Who Are You:

Boy, if that isn't a loaded question. I am a girl raised in North Louisiana (Shreveport represent!). We'll start with my loves. Love's: 

  • My Husband

  • Cajun food (you can't understand it's superiority unless you've had it!)

  • Sweet, non-creepy, Old Men

  • Following the Church Calendar (knowing all the times of year and why they exist and what it means and the rituals)

  • Spring & Fall

  • Helping Women to Love Themselves & Loving on Women

  • Hot Tea & Sweet Tea

  • Red Wine

  • Magnolia's (crazy and out-of-the-blue, I know)

  • Love

  • Jesus

  • Mardi Gras

  • Beards

  • Fashion

  • Makeup

  • Christmas

  • The Kardashians AND The Robertson's

  • Animals

  • Music-lots and lots of music

  • Lana Del Ray

  • Family

  • Craft Beer

  • Dance

  • Horses

  • Coke

  • Antique's

  • The 1920's (OB-SESSED since Junior Year of High School. Thanks Mrs. Ogilvie!)-also The Great Gatsby and F. Scott Fitzgerald

  • Purple and Red

  • Floralness

  • Pearls

  • Design (clothes, homes, photoshoots)

  • Learning About How the Body Works and How to Fix it (I was a Nursing major but really wanted to be an ER Dr or Surgeon).

I am NOT brief. EVER. In case you didn't notice...sorry about that. I am 23 and I want to create a business that women know they can go to for love, inspiration, and confidence (and beauty, because I just love pretty things!). I want to do this through my blog and photography. I am a Louisiana girl with deep, DEEP roots in South Louisiana (Cajun Country) I think that is one of my most defining factors. My husband was born here and his Mom is from Louisiana and his Dad from California (we have a HUGE military base here so that's how he got here). His Dad got a job in New Mexico and my husband lived there until he was 13 when he then moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado. He came back here for college and we met. He loves the cold and the openness and montains of Colorado, I love the heat, humidity (dry air is not my friend, except that temperatures are less intense), the trees, and swamps. We have a dog named Brees (after the football player) and a cat named Penny. We love Jesus and we just want to help others love Him too. I have red hair, even though many people like to say it is brown or blonde, it is not. I was a dancer and many times I make up a few moves to a song I am listening to. Dancing is I was a tomboy growing up, sort of. I enjoyed wearing dresses while climbing trees and playing in the mud. So when my Mom asked if I would take ballet I nearly threw up! "No! They wear pink!". Probably one of my most regretted decisions, and I made that decision at the age of like, 7. *Le sigh*. I am a huge dork, huge. My husband is my best friend and my sisters are, well, they're my sisters: my best friends but in a different way. My parents were divorced when I was around 10 and it was good for them but I still am in no way pro divorce. I am pro marrying someone that you like and love and trusting them with your life. Marriage is awesome. I am also involved in an amazing ministry in Shreveport called Purchased: Not For Sale, it is a branch of The Hub: Urban Ministries. Purchased is for women in the sex industry (exotic dancing, prostitutes, porn, and sex trafficking) we have SO many aspects of this ministry but the main goal is to love on women, show them they are worth more than they usually think and that Christ Purchased them with his blood so they are no longer for sale, be their friends, legit best friends, and get them out of the industry! I talk to much, I will just stop.


2.  Why Did You Start Blogging:

I started blogging to show my potential Flappers (my sweet clients) who I am, to have another fun and creative outlet, and to show my photography on a larger scale than my gallery. I wanted to show my Flappers on a regular basis that I am an ordinary woman with parts of my body I consider flaws (like my pooch, super jiggly thighs that are too big, teeny tiny calves, man feet, and broken nose. Which are really just a part of who I am and what makes me beautiful. I go through phases of believing this and not bc it's a decision to love yourself.) and with parts of my body I consider awesome (myfigure and, my figure). I want my clients to know I am a goofy girl who loves loving on women. I want them to go to my blog and feel like it was made FOR THEM! Because, it is. My blog is made for women who want to grow and love themselves. If you think you are perfect, I do not think my blog or business is for you. But, if you think you have 'flaws', want to feel glamorous, & want to fall in love yourself (and surprise that hubby) please contact me. I can make that happen, giiiirrrrrrrllllll!!!


3. Who is Your Blog For:

Well, my blog is for women that value art, want to change how they view themselves, want to love themselves, want to change the way they see the world, want to be healthy, want to be loved by others, want to feel glamorous, want to have FUN, and don't want just any other Boudoir or Glamour session! They want me, my style, my personality, my face telling them they are awesome and beautiful from the inside out! They are at a cross-roads or just realized they do and do for others (which is AH-MAZING) and do nothing for themselves (boo, hiss).  I want women to come here and realize they are in a different place. A place filled with love, health, and an understanding that we are ALL beautiful!!!

4. What's Something You've Been Working on Lately That You're Really Proud of?:

Lately, honestly I have been working towards being more healthy and really putting my ALL into my business. My business is like an extension of myself and realizing that has only made me that much of a better photographer and entrepreneur! I work longer hours than I used to so that I can show my Flappers my absolute best and get the RIGHT girls in front of my camera. I have been learning so much over the last few months it is crazy!


5. What's the One Message That You Hope People Take Away From Your Blog?:

That women are ALL amazing and capable of extraordinary things regardless of their lives and financial limitations. We are women, hear us roar!!! We are capable of so much, we may not do things the way they are traditionally to be done, but we can usually get them done anyway! Every person can do something amazing. I don't want people to think I hate men either and that's how we bring women up. No, men and women both are humans and I would never put someone down to make another feel better. I want people to understand the love I have for all people and the love I want to give.

My husband, Trey, and I headed to a 1920's party fundraiser!!! It was SUCH a blast. Also, I added all the fur and the sparkly fabric to the dress. Learning how to sew thanks to my Momma!

My husband, Trey, and I headed to a 1920's party fundraiser!!! It was SUCH a blast. Also, I added all the fur and the sparkly fabric to the dress. Learning how to sew thanks to my Momma!

This is me in my normal attire, although this was taken a year ago and this fall my hair is black at the ends! 

This is me in my normal attire, although this was taken a year ago and this fall my hair is black at the ends!