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Meet Melissa, she’s like you and me. She's normal and that's what makes her story incredible! Because we can all see ourselves in her. She's also incredible because she is fearlessly letting me tell her story. She wants to empower more women to love themselves. That's amazing.
Melissa is kindhearted, a nurse, a singer in her band Magnolia Mae (I know, it’s the perfect name right?!) with her husband John Garcia, maker of a beautiful and sweet boy, wearer of cute clothes, fun lover, and so many more amazing things. Getting to spend the day photographing her fun and happy spirit was a joy.
She brought along her best friend and husband which was amazing! They helped to create an empowering and fun environment in ways I can’t. I mean, I am pretty dang good at creating an awesome, fun, empowering environment for my clients. But, your spouse and husband know you. They know what will make you laugh, make you feel fabulous, make you feel sexy, and what definitely won’t do that. I highly recommend bringing someone along that knows how to empower you and who you are comfortable with!

I’ve always struggled with feeling like I was enough. Enough of a woman, friend, nurse, daughter, wife... then mama. So much that I tattooed it on my wrist as a daily reminder that I am. My story isn’t extreme or significant. I was raised by loving parents in a loving household. I just always had a constant suffer with insecurity like most women do.
My friends were always popular and gorgeous. In the circle of friends where one girl is always picked last, one girl is left out... that was me. My insecurity began to breed someone hungry for attention in my late high school years. Later it would turn me into a girl starving so badly any male that fed me a nibble I would show out which later would cause me an immense amount of guilt. And pain.
After years of struggling with my body and my heart I found and married a man that loved me but the insecurity monster never stopped roaring. He would be buried deep in my belly clawing his way out in ways that left me with close to no female friends and constantly terrified my husband would find someone better.

It’s not all the way better. I still punch the mirror when my face breaks out at 28. I cry when my clothes don’t fit and when my “mama pouch” shows through dresses. My son looks at me with such loving eyes and at 2 years old will say “mama fat” not because he thinks I am but because he repeats all I say.

I don’t have all my crap together but I’m trying. I’m full time working nurse, musician, mama, and wife who lost her best friend and whose husband lost his job the same weekend. Life hasn’t been kind and it’s been hard to be kind to myself. But I’m trying. My life’s call is to ensure every person, but particularly every woman, knows their worth. And knows they’re enough.

And that’s just me.
— Melissa Garcia

When Melissa contacted me she shared some of her life with me, explaining that it wasn’t anything particularly grand in any way. But I disagree. The simply fact that she is a normal woman, living life, fighting to love herself and juggle normal problems, is incredible! I think that is amazing. Because we can all relate. We can relate to looking in the mirror and wondering if we look good, or gross, or if anyone else thinks we look good. We can so relate to not feeling like a good enough Mom (who ever feels like they rock at parenting-it literally changes every day and with every kid). We can relate to not feeling like enough. God, can we relate to that! Society says we have to be sexy - but not too sexy, nurturing - but tough; funny - but not too funny, classy - but crass, fun - but serious, available - but not too available, etc. I swear, it’s like the most infuriating thing. The bar is unattainable.

Melissa’s story just resonated with me. It hit me in my gut. The silent battles we fight everyday, she laid them out and wasn’t afraid to tell all of you about them! That’s so brave and is what we need more of! Because talking about the reality of being a woman, is the only way to fight the negativity we face. Being silent never did anyone any good. So, let’s shout it from the rooftops!

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