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A huge thank you to the following people!
Set design: Me, Jessica Horn
Hair and Makeup: Southern Glam Makeup Artistry by Hannah

White sheet sessions are so much fun! When Mrs. Swift contacted me one of the first things she said was that she wanted to do a white sheets session. She did incorporate lingerie and some personal elements as well, but what she was truly excited about was using white sheets to create some gorgeous portraits.
But, we will talk more on that later. For now let's talk about this Harley shirt she made uber sexy with a shoulder cutout!

When I met Mrs Swift we clicked immediately. (I mean, her last name is the same as Taylor Swift, ok? Like, let's not pretend I didn't obsess over that.) She is so fun and was up for anything just about!
As always we started out with the most modest outfit which was a Harley Davidson shirt since her husband loves Harley Davidson. This shirt *definitely* put your average tee shirt to shame. It was sexy for sure!

P.S. that peacock feather tattoo! It is so gorgeous and the colors in it are so vibrant. Mrs. Swift had some of the most gorgeous tattoos. It was so fun talking about them and featuring the beautiful art in our session!

Mrs Swift also brought some super sexy lingerie for her session. I love when clients are as excited about their session and pay attention to detail! She definitely did that very well. 

She is literally a complete badass. And again, I am obsessing over her tattoos! They are so amazing. She got me so inspired and excited to get my next tattoos!

Now, back to that sheets session: If you don’t know what a white sheets session is, it is when you use a white sheet and nothing else in your session to hide, reveal, and create what you want. It is basically incredibly sexy and fun! You can see exactly what I am talking about below!

And then I noticed her sunflower tattoo and I was like "YO, I have the perfect floral fabric to add in with the white sheets. Hold.the.phone!"

And then we were like, "Let's do some sexy implied nudes. Because, you're killing it and the end is the best time to strip it down and get artistic with some nudes."
Seriously, some gorgeous art was made with Mrs. Swift and her willingness to take it all off for implied nudes made my heart soar!

Mrs. Swift was AMAZING at her session! She left after her viewing session saying she thought she would only like three portraits and was shocked at how many she liked. (I have video evidence on insta of this.) And that made me:
A. sad she thought so little of her sexiness. Because we all have sexiness.
B. happy that I could do much more than she thought possible! I love surprising and exceeding clients expectations.

Mrs Swift is definitely one of my favorite clients I’ve ever had! I mean, tattoos, white sheets, great lingerie, personal elements, and implied nudes; oh my. Haha. Seriously, this session almost had it all and I am so glad I got the opportunity to create these beautiful portraits of her!

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