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So, you’re looking into booking a boudoir session with KAP. YAY!
But, what is a boudoir session like with KAP?

A boudoir session with KAP is a day long empowering experience. All of my clients rave about how much fun their day with me was. We spend it laughing, making beautiful portraits of you, viewing & choosing your favorite portraits, and designimg your artwork the same day. You leave with nothing to do but wait for me to hand deliver your artwork!
Check out the breakdown of your session with KAP below!

You've filled out the contact form to book your session! Now what?

My job is to make you feel empowered, at ease, and confident. That means I take care of everything for the session and walk you through each step.
I have mastered how to make everything so simple so that all you have to do is focus on you! (That last bit rhymed, I'm a poet y'all!)

  • Booking is easy. We either chat on the phone and book then, or we plan a complimentary consultation and book in person. There is no obligation with the consult or phone call.

  • Upon booking, you will receive your free Lingerie Magazine in your inbox. The Lingerie Magazine teaches you about all the types of lingerie and what will work best on your body. You also get a packing list the week of your session so you won't forget anything.

  • The night before you should have everything packed up and ready to go, per your Lingerie Guide and packing list!

  • The day of the session has arrived! Today we get to create magic together. Sessions start anywhere from 10am-1pm and every session is a full day event of fun and empowerment!

  • If you have chosen hair and makeup, your day will start with walking into the location, dropping off your bag of clothes and accessories with me, and heading straight to get your hair and makeup done!

  • Per the Lingerie Mag, you will have overpacked. So, I will spend some time picking out the best outfits for our session together! Then I get to come over and chat with you while you get pampered!

  • We leave all negative speak at the door. You and I both are only allowed to talk positively about ourselves or anyone else.

  • Remember that you are sexy. You are not trying to be sexy or something you are not. You are sexy and it is my job to bring that out and show you. Something I know I can do, so don't worry and don't think about it. Just have fun and enjoy the day!

  • Posing is simple. I coach actions vs exact poses, because actions create the most gorgeous photographs and real emotions! You will be asked to do simple things like place your hand here, chin out and down, drop that shoulder, put all your weight on your back hip, lay on your stomach, hair flip, etc.

  • Music. This is a step I often slip up on because I am so excited to get started. So, if I do, just remind me of the radio station you'd like to have playing!

  • After some chatting, music decisions, and your outfits are chosen we will start with the most modest outfit and work our way to the least modest. The same goes for posing. We start out easy and simple and amp it up with each pose! (If you get tired or parched, refreshments will be set out for you to snack on so you feel and look your best!)

  • Break Time! After we finish up with the session we break for an hour while I edit all your best images and prep for your viewing session.
    P.S. Have fun with your break! Go to a restaurant you haven't been to, explore a part of the city you haven't before, go window shopping, if you pack a lunch, go to a local park and people watch while you eat, or read a book in the park. I can help you choose a place to go do any of these things.

  • Viewing Session! After our break you'll return to the session location and you will get to see your very best portraits. You get to choose only your very favorite portraits and the artwork you want to display them with! Whether that is a canvas, album, calendar, or mounted print for your walk in closet!
    Yes, that's right. You get to see your portraits the same day! This way there is no painful waiting and you can get your artwork even sooner!
    P.S. Your portraits are shown unretouched and you get to choose if you'd like them to stay that way or if you'd like to have them lightly retouched for printing.

  • The final step is delivery of your artwork. I will hand deliver your order to you wrapped up in beautiful wrapping paper and ribbon!


That is what a session with KAP is like. So, basically it’s smoother than butter and more fun than a bottle of wine with your bubble bath!

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