The Intimate: Britney Spears | Shreveport Boudoir Photographer

So, for those of you who don't know, Britney Spears recently came out with a lingerie line. I love Britney Spears and have since she came out when I was in, like, elementary school. I love her, not necessarily her music style anymore. She is a strong, smart, and inspiring woman. She has been through so much in her life and she still has a sweet southern attitude like a small town Louisiana girl should. She takes all her crew out to dinner before each show. Just such a small, sweet touch that builds community, which I LOVE! If you have ever watched her in an interview or in her VH1 Behind The Music interview (yes, I am that fan) you will see how very dorky and humble she is.

Britney Spears' line is everything I expected it to be and more! It has this effortless, glamorous, and comforting feel that you get the second you visit her site. Her line is all about feeling beautiful in your own skin. Knowing your beautiful is what I am ALL about. Everyone is beautiful and this world is so full of hate that people cannot see the beauty in others. I believe that every single "flaw" you have is only making you more beautiful and telling your story louder. Flaws are what make us beautiful. And I really feel Britney's line focuses on everyone feeling beautiful. A quote from her page "Every woman should feel confident and beautiful in everything she wears" - Britney. That is such a beautiful statement and very true!

What really surprised me was that Britney's line has sizes all the way up to H. That blew me away! I know it is very hard for women with very large breasts to find comfortable, supportive, and well-fitting bras. I also know it is hard for them to find these bra's that are also cute and sexy. Britney's line is just that. The downfall on her sizes is that they don't seem to come in anything other than singles, like DD or GGG. A friend of mine is a 32 DD based on her sizing in V.S. and all her bras from V.S. and from Dillard's fit pretty darn good. But, after we did the size calculator on The Intimate site, she was told she was a 32E. So, I presume Britney's sizes on the site are sizes not including double and triple letters and that she has made each size vary as much as each double or triple would. I don't know this though so just be SURE to do the sizing calculator under the bra fit guide on the site and get sized every time you go to a new store to get a bra. I am so excited to see how her line ends up doing. I encourage everyone to go check out her new line on her website.

Every woman is beautiful. It is time we start acting like we are, ladies!


P.S. I also just want to add this article I found online of Britney. She refused to be retouched for an ad campaign but agreed to have the retouched images right next to the untouched images. I was surprised at the difference in the two honestly. She doesn't have a pronounced hourglass figure and she has imperfect feet and legs like all of us.