What are the Panties of Motherhood?

These days my favorite undies on the planet are basically the whitey tighty version of undies for women, or thongs.

No in between.

I started loving them while pregnant because I was sick of making do with the crappy undies I had been making do with for years.

Pregnancy makes you a lot less agreeable. So I found my perfect undies!

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New Christmas Traditions with Floyd

I don't know about you, but Christmas is quite literally my favorite time of year! I just learned that the Philippines start Christmas festivities 4 months in advance and I'm now thinking about how plausible it would be to move there.

Not kidding.

I need the Christmas season to last longer.

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Body Shaming in Yoga Class

Back in college (like I’m 40 and that was so long ago, lol) I took a yoga class offered by my college.

The woman who taught it was a 60 something, skinny, high-energy, definitely ADHD, white woman.

We’ll call her Linda.

Linda could be so sweet, but also incredibly rude. Some days I loved her (she was nice to me, she liked me for whatever reason) and other days I wanted to throat punch her!

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