Boudoir Sessions

"I was terrified of having to "act sexy" and actually being without clothes in front of a stranger. The opposite happened! I felt comfortable. It was very laid back and Kimberly made me feel relaxed and comfortable. [I loved] all of it! But I really like that [Kimberly} would take a photo then show it to me mid session and I could see. At one point I was shocked it was me in the photos and that boosted my confidence."

"[I say] do it. It was so much fun and Kimberly made me feel relaxed and at home."

Melissa Garcia

"I was scared to be so exposed to a stranger. I felt comfortable almost immediately. My fears become excitement really quickly. I loved the entire experience. It felt empowering to do something so different from the day to day. I would do it over again in a heart beat.
[I told my best friend] how much fun it was and how amazing the finished product was."

Her husband's reaction:
"[Mr. C.] LOVED his gift.  He was completely floored! He even complimented the black leather binding! Haha. His only complaint was that he wasn't aloud to show his friends !! You are absolutely amazing. Thank you so much again!! This was truly a Christmas present he will never forget!! "

Mrs. P.

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"I was very nervous to do boudoir, but Kimberly calms your nerves with her uplifting spirit. We had a fun shoot. If you are feeling apprehensive definitely use Kimberly she will put you at ease and you will have a day of pampering and fun! I had the best experience with [her]. She really put me at ease during our session and even before with the motivating emails, as I was anticipating the day! She was such a joy to work with and I would definitely use her again. My hubby was so surprised. I loved his reaction, mission accomplished. Thank you."

Mrs. Miranda

"I was worried that my body was not camera ready and that I wasn't prepared to book a boudoir photographer. [My favorite part was] really letting go and feeling confident. The music that Kimberly played and the fact that she let me see some of my pictures while shooting made me feel confident and free spirited."

"[Girl] do it, if not for your [significant other], for yourself!! You will find a side of yourself that you never knew you had."

Her husband's reaction:
"[My husband] loved. It. He tells me I'm beautiful even when I look a mess, but knowing that these pictures were amazing, that I was amazing, and having him confirm that... it was great. He was speechless."

Victoria Williams

"My biggest fear was that I wouldn't feel comfortable in front of the camera. That was not the case! I felt completely at ease and taken care of throughout the shoot! My favorite part was just the entire experience! Shooting was a blast! ...You HAVE to choose Kimberly! She will make you feel 100% comfortable and will help you with posing, etc. so you won't have to worry about a thing!"

Mrs. Cherish

[I loved] getting to be a model for a day. It was nice to feel pampered. [And] that you were easy to work with and made me feel comfortable.

Mrs. K