Meet the Face of KAP & Why I Love Helping Momma’s Celebrate the Wildness of Motherhood!


Hello beautiful ladies! My name is Kimberly Aker and I own Kimberly Aker Photography!
My life is pretty simple. I'm married to the most darling man, Trey, who teaches high school English, we have a sweet cat named Penny and a tiny human boy named Floyd Leroy Aker IV born June 11th, 2018. Penny is not too fond of him and will barely enter a room he is in, ha. Floyd #3 (Trey) and I were married at the ages of 21 and 23, June 2nd, 2012! We are in love with Shreveport. We are always going to events and eating at local restaurants!

I help women to love themselves through an empowering and fantastically fun portrait session.
I do this because since I was a child my heart was broken every time a woman I loved hated anything about themselves. I didn't understand it because all I saw was beauty. They were gorgeous to me and all the 'flaws' made them who they were. I wanted them to see what I saw.
That didn't make their frustrations invalid but it made me want to do something.
Eventually that desire to show women their beauty led me here!

We, as humans, must first understand beauty is more than our bodies! Beauty is your life, who you are, why you are, and so many things! Your beauty comes from your soul! I want to photograph that. Your beauty. Your soul. And I am here to tell you I can and will do that. When you become comfortable and start having fun, that is when your beauty shines and that is what I photograph!

Helping women of all shapes, sizes, confidence levels, & ages learn to love themselves makes my heart happy. When you are shown how pure and uniquely beautiful you are, I have done my job and my heart is full.

Things I love: Trey-my husband, Louisiana, wine, magnolia's (crazy and out-of-the-blue, I know), love, Jesus, Mardi Gras, fashion, makeup, dark & creepy things (think Edgar Allen Poe, not killer clowns), Christmas, antiquing, music-lots and lots of music, family, craft beer, dance, laughing, horses (I cry when horses are part of any main story line. I want to live with horses!), coke (it's like a drug-that I don't use much because drugs kill man.), the 1920's (OB-SESSED since Junior Year of High School. Thanks Mrs. Ogilvie!)-also The Great Gatsby and F. Scott Fitzgerald, Edgar Allen Poe, purple and red, floralness, pearls, and oh, the list goes on.

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