What are the Panties of Motherhood?

These days my favorite undies on the planet are basically the whitey tighty version of undies for women, or thongs.

No in between.

I started loving them while pregnant because I was sick of making do with the crappy undies I had been making do with for years.

Pregnancy makes you a lot less agreeable.

So I stopped agreeing to wear pretty but uncomfortable undies.

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  1. They fit.
    This one is big! I have a big ass. Briefs have room (and my butt uses all the available space).
    Maybe you don’t have a big butt. But let’s be honest, bikini panties aren’t comfy and neither are those weird square ones. Maybe that is ok with you!
    But on days you just want to be comfy, briefs have got your back, and your front!
    And thongs, well, they don't need to cover your butt!
    Every other panty style is not meant to fit all the way over your butt, and that brings us to point two.

  2. The don’t end up in my ass.
    For those of you with a big butt:
    You know the struggle. It's nearly impossible to keep it contained and it eats everything!!!
    Loose shorts? Gobble - the shorts and panties.
    Tight undies? Gobble.
    Even some dresses and skirts get gobbled! This
    Undies that aren't tight *under* my butt to hold em down? Gobble.
    Thongs, well, they are already there and not uncomfortably so. Why not just cut out the problem? Literally. Ha! But, you have to be careful what bottoms you wear, or you’ll be gobbling those too!

  3. They stay put!
    Some panties dig into your groin, which hurts and is annoying.
    Like, are they trying to cut off our legs or something?
    I mean, my leg isn’t that skinny if I’m wearing a freaking XL. Come on, y’all!
    Or, they move positions too easily, which is mega annoying and exacerbates them digging into your groin.
    No one wants that.

I want panties that go on, stay in place, and are not noticeable at all! I want to forget they exist.

Briefs and thongs do this all!
Bonus for thongs, no panty lines!!!

What's not to love?

Well, with briefs there is the super baggy front. I could fit a whole nother ass just in the front.

Then there's the boring prints.

Those two things make them generally look lame.

However, I truly don't care because they are way more comfortable than any other panty..

If they just made cute undies that were brief style that would be so cool.

But they don't. So, I wear low rise women's brief panties and thongs.

Thongs are always glamorous though. While not flattering at all. But why do I care? They make me feel sexy.

To summarize:

They stay put and they are comfy and forgettable. The only time you should remember you're wearing undies is when you make a conscious effort to think about what they are or your pulling down your pants.

If you think about your undies at other times, then they are uncomfortable and that's terrible!!

Who wants to make low rise briefs that are cute!?

I'll buy em!!

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